Promoting CDC, a new type of pension, with compelling content for First Actuarial

The client’s challenge

Pensions consultancy firm First Actuarial is playing a pioneering role in the introduction of CDC (Collective Defined Contribution), a new type of pension.

In the early stages of development, First Actuarial sought to produce and disseminate accurate information about CDC. Since CDC passed into UK law in 2021, the company has started to promote its CDC consultancy services, targeting UK employers who wish to explore how suitable CDC is for them.

These awareness-raising and promotional activities require the production of high-quality content.

Sarah Bartlett’s solution

I worked with First Actuarial and trade union CWU to produce a case study describing the early stages of the development of CDC. I interviewed First Actuarial staff and Terry Pullinger of the CWU, produced the copy, and project-managed the case study through review and design processes to publication.

I ghost-wrote various news and comment pieces for the First Actuarial website as CDC reached key milestones in its journey. I then promoted these pieces on social media.

Most recently, I wrote a CDC microsite for First Actuarial and project-managed it through to go-live. The homepage is informational, reflecting the ongoing need to raise awareness of CDC. The site also has one service page, to promote the CDC consultancy First Actuarial now offers. This structure is extensible, to allow for additional service pages as CDC evolves.

Outcomes for First Actuarial

Pensions is a technical area and it can be challenging to make it interesting. Sarah quickly developed a working knowledge of how CDC pensions work and found ways to write engaging pieces clearly explaining the concepts to lay readers. Her writing brought CDC to life, highlighting its potential to transform retirement for millions of people. She brought lots of proposals to us to show how we could use CDC to promote our services and developed these into effective communications.

Hilary Salt
Founder, First Actuarial


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