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B2B businesses of every size struggle to get attention in an online world saturated with content.

Quality is the differentiator your business needs. Google knows what quality content looks like, and favours it in its search result rankings. Your prospects know that too. You don’t need a degree in English to spot a typo, or an MBA to work out when a writer lacks a strong grasp of the subject matter.

How Sarah Bartlett can help

I’ll target the right audience for your business, and address their pains and drivers from initial research to the final draft. I’ll write in the most suitable voice for your market. Above all, I’ll make your business proposition easy to understand, with clear copy that simplifies the complex and highlights the great things you do.

Web content – Attracting and impressing the right people, with landing pages and websites, written in line with SEO and marketing best practice

Why Sarah Bartlett?

When you hire me as a freelance copywriter, you benefit from a decade of experience as a freelance writer working for successful B2B clients, from micro-businesses to global brands.

But not only that, I draw on professional roles in technical and business environments before that. I ask the right questions when interviewing clients’ customers for case studies and press releases. I research efficiently in any market sector for blog posts and e-guides. And I can simplify the most complex topics when I write content.

With a background that combines technology and marketing, I can handle and communicate technical information, while keeping the business objectives at top of mind.

Sarah is an exceptional content specialist and copywriter. She grasps technical details very quickly, and produces brilliant copy that addresses the markets and audiences we’re targeting. She has written our new websites in a style that is warm and human, but with the right level of formality for financial services. She does everything she says she’s going to do, on time.

Mark Riches
Founder, First Actuarial


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