It’s important to keep up with developments in marketing and communications, but how to find the time?

I write regular reviews of key books in my professional field, lifting out the key points and providing my own commentary. Some books focus on copywriting; others are more general business and marketing texts. Some are new and others are classics. But they all come recommended. This isn’t the place for scathing reviews (much as I would enjoy writing them). If a book is below par, it goes in the recycling bin not on the marketing copywriter’s bookshelf.
Featured Book

Everybody Writes

With AI tools like ChatGBT in open circulation, are writers destined for the workhouse? Copywriting luminary Ann Handley doesn’t think so.

Copywriting Is

Andrew Boulton's collection of short reflective essays on the art of copywriting is as far removed from a how-to guide as a book on copywriting can be. This is because Boulton is concerned with the spirit of copywriting, not the rules. But that doesn't mean that you have nothing to learn from Copywriting Is.


Steve Morgan hates sales. Unfortunately, self-employment means selling your business, selling your services, selling your work. Anti-Sell is Steve Morgan’s guide to selling your business without selling in the traditional sense.

Persuasive Copywriting

A modern-day copywriting classic by one of the gurus of the field, Persuasive Copywriting was updated in 2019 to include chapters on content marketing, social media, creativity and how to evaluate copy,

Content DNA

Content DNA brings together content marketing, social media and brand management into a unified approach for small businesses and individuals “so you can be noticed, remembered and preferred in your industry”.

Making Your Website Work

Gill Andrews promises that you can learn all you need to know about what makes a website work and what doesn’t from her book. It’s a bold claim, but Andrews has pulled it off. Because when it comes to identifying and resolving real website problems, Andrews has written a how-to bible.

Can’t Sell Won’t Sell

In Can't Sell Won't Sell, Steve Harrison points the finger at an “out of touch ad industry” that “has stopped selling and started saving the world” instead.


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