Proofreading and copy-editing

When grammar and spelling mistakes pass unnoticed into publication, customer confidence takes a knock.

Poor attention to detail can reflect badly on your products and services, and prospects may mark you down as a low-quality business.

A good proofreader and copy editor can also work as a ‘second pair of eyes’, reworking copy and suggesting changes that will showcase your business in an even better light.

Proofreading and copy-editing services – How Sarah Bartlett can help

As well as spotting any errors, I will make sure the content makes sense to readers unfamiliar with your business. I’ll review it for readability too, simplifying the copy so the messages you want to convey ring out clearly.

My proofreading and copy editing services include

Why Sarah Bartlett?

As a modern languages graduate, I have a forensic eye for written language. And with two decades of editorial experience, I’m perfectly equipped to make your content the best possible version of itself.

I can sanitise your copy – addressing any errors and significant issues. Alternatively, I can rework it, depending on the brief you give me.

You can trust me to be professional in everything I do. I will address any copy issues with minimal friction for you and your team, making suggestions respectfully to the original author.

As the No. 1 healthcare communications agency, McCann has exacting QC standards – and thanks to her forensic attention to detail and high editorial standards, Sarah has proven herself to be a 'safe pair of eyes'.

Justine Hardman
Managing Editor, McCann Health, London


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