Content marketing services

Sarah Bartlett can bring content marketing expertise to your B2B business, with strategic assets such as messaging frameworks, tone of voice and buyer personas.

Content marketing is about using online content to achieve marketing objectives. Content marketing involves creating and distributing content, typically to attract and grow a target market.

It does this by serving up the right content at the right time – as prospective buyers proceed along the buyer journey from awareness of a need through to their choice of a product or service. Along the way, that content needs to persuade people to take some form of action.

How Sarah Bartlett can help

At a practical level, content marketing is an umbrella term for a number of strategies and deliverables that work together to meet those marketing goals.

I help organisations in the editorial areas of content marketing. I can work with content marketing agencies, digital marketers, designers and SEO specialists on content marketing projects.

Alternatively, I can work with you directly on these editorial deliverables:



Why Sarah Bartlett?

I am an experienced content marketer. Between 2015 and 2017, I worked on a full-time basis as a Senior Editorial Manager for Tomorrow People, an award-winning B2B content marketing agency based in Birmingham.

At Tomorrow People, I was responsible for the editorial content strategy and production for leading brands, including EtQ, Reconomy, Kcom and Vistage. I apply a rigorous research method from strategy to publication.

Since then, I have also helped smaller organisations develop a sustainable approach to content marketing, so they can enjoy its benefits as they market services to new audiences.

Fantastic, creative, enthusiastic, talented and versatile content creator and marketer. At home with strategic leadership as well as life in the B2B technical trenches.

David Smith
Head of Strategy, We Are Go


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